So Glad to Have My Own Blog Now

This is something so exciting that I wanted to share with you all, YES it has become a reality now- I have got my own blog and I am so excited and happy to share this news with you all. Here is the link to my new blog:

This blog is all about finding the coolest products for Moms, but occasionally I will also be talking about my favorite subject Blogging and how you can start making money online.

In fact, I have already written my very first post there on the topici

“How to Make Money Blogging” This is perfect for those who have been struggling to make their first dollar online.

Hope to see you all there and I hope you will love that blog too. I will continue occasionally to publish here too, but of course my main focus would be that blog only.


Finding Backlinks and Page Ranks with Market Samurai

free download market samurai for keywordsI am one of those girls who is not in the mood to spend lots of bucks in buying keyword tools for my research. After all, if i cant earn thousands of dollars then it makes no sense to spend money. If i would have been lots of bucks, then probably it wouldnt matter to spend a few dollars in such work.

Anyways, these days i am using Market Samurai free version for finding backlinks and page ranks. Yes, it is free for only 12 days, i have dowloaded it and i am using it day and night. So, this way i am using most of my time in making a collection of keywords and then i would be writing articles based on those keywords. I hope this strategy works out.

However, if you ask me for free tools for keyword research, then i use and google keyword planner tool. Both help me in finding low competition keywords in small niches. Which tools do you prefer to use for keyword research?

Why I Left Writing for Daily Two Cents

In one of my previous posts i have told you that i have started writing for which pays on the basis of pay per view. However i was seeing only and cents piling up in my account which was becoming quite boring to me. But still i wasnt ready to leave the site. I have targeted that i will write atleast 50 posts there before i stop. It was my plan, after 50 posts i would have left the site and then waited for the money to roll in with those posts. However, what i had planned didnt materialised. The editor there was quite rude actually. Each and every post was being scrutinised every time i published it. I had no problem with finding faults because that way i was learning something more there, but the main issue was they wanted me to re-write everything because they did not like it. This was too much for me. How can i keep writing the post again and again just because it was not of good quality “according to them”. I dont understand what quality they wanted. Tell me friends, if i am writing an article on DIY Coffee Scrub then of course i will be writing about the coffee benefits for skin and how you can make a scrub of it and how it is going to be beneficial, isn’t?

Anyways, this site is now gone for me, i wont recommend dailytwocents to you too. Of course you can try writing for this site, but my only suggestion would be not to spend too much time there thinking that you will be able to earn hundreds of dollars there.

Trying to Learn Keyword Research for My Online Business

My online writings have in a way became a form of business for me, seriously i mean it. I spend so much of my time learning and creating online that i think if i could have known all this before, i could have build a great online business by now. But anyways, destiny is above us. These days i am trying to learn more and more about keyword research because without it, one cannot make our blog get to the page 1 of Google and that is the dearest place for all of us, isn’t?

I am using as my keyword research tool. It will give you a good idea about what people are searching online.The best part is that you can even get a list of long tail keywords which you can use on your blog. It is very easy to use and gives hundreds of keywords at one time.

The next step which i have learned is to use the data collected from ubersuggest to Keyword Planner which is also a free keyword tool of Google. You can log into your adwords account and access the Keyword Planner in Tools. The best aspect of this tool is that it gives you a complete idea about the average monthly searches, location, competition, CPC etc. So, you know at what keyword you should aim at.

Which tools are you all using for keyword research?

Earning Money Online with Daily Two Cents

earning money with dailytwocentsIf you are on the look out for earning money online, then can be good option for you to start with. It is a relatively new site and pays you based on the basis of page views. They pay you 1/2 cent for each unique page view which your article will generate. If you are able to get 1000 views then they will pay you $5. The payment is via paypal.

You can publish almost anything you want provided it is not against their TOS. However, the content has to be original. I have only recently started writing for this website, and so i am far away of seeing $5. However, the good thing is that they do allow affiliate links. You can add one affiliate link for a minium word count of 200.

It is of course not a get rich quick kind of a scheme, rather you need to build a long list of portfolio in order to get those $5. However, if you follow keyword research you can do so with ease.

Doing Keyword Research for my New Blog

I am planning to open a new blog this year. Though i cannot give the details right now, but my main focus is to see the market for my blog as well as to see whether people are searching for that specific product or not. Thus, i need to rely on keyword research which I am busy doing at the moment. I am thinking of going for those keywordss which have an average competition of 1000 and less. However, i wont go below 100. I think this will make my blog get better ranking in search engines. Let me tell you that i am using both-uber suggest as well as keyword planner to search my keywords.

Hope everything starts to work soon.

Know What Happened to My Skin Care Blog on Blogger

beautycareforwomen blogHello friends, hope you are doing good, it feels so good to connect with you all after a long time. In the past years, i opened a blog on blogspot dealing with skin care, hair care and makeup. Now if you are thinking as to why i picked this niche, then let me tell you- i love skin care. I enjoy reading and applying all that is natural on my skin and hence the blog. I added adsense to it so i was able to earn from it. Also, i started using viglink on it in order to monetise it via affiliate marketing. It was all good, the traffic too was increasing but then i was under a shock!!

One day when i opened my blog- it showed it was locked. Yes, it was locked. I was confused and scary as to what happened to it, i have not done anything wrong. Then when i looked at the details i saw that malware has entered into my blog. I tried to read all kinds of instructions in order to remove the malware-abufarhan but i failed. I asked for help in google support forums too but still nothing happened. I was just wondering what next- all efforts and hundreds of posts have gone waste.

Should i delete the skin care blog and open another, i thought but then i felt this might not help me in anyway. What if again the same issue happens. So, i contacted google support again. Luckily this time i was able to register my complain there and they asked me to have patience and wait.

Would you believe how much i had to wait- a full year!! Yes, you may not believe the blog was locked in March 2014 and opened only in Feb. 2015. OMG….. you cannot imagine when i saw my blog active again, how happy i was.

However, the worst thing is that now all the traffic is gone, the blog is slowly trying to gain traffic now. I am also working on some new posts to add to it. Hope it recovers soon and i can earn some money too.

Informative Blogpost on Affiliate Marketing Strategies

how to earn money with affiliate marketingAs i already told you in my previous post about how I am starting here again after a wide gap of three years, so in all these years i was writing on various platforms like revenue sharing sites as well as POD sites. However, in all of these one thing is common and that is “Affiliate Marketing”. Believe me or not but people online are making a living out of it. I am also trying my best to learn each and every aspect of this field and hence i would recommend you to go through the post “9 Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings” by Spencer. He is a wonderful guy and if you go through his blog you will find hundreds of useful tips to earn money by affiliate marketing.

If you ask me, I love being an affiliate and i have joined viglink which helps me earn money. I am also working as an Amazon affiliate too. However, i got my three checks lost- which never reached me and this has been a major setback for me. Otherwise, take my words, Amazon is the best Affiliate Network.

Hows your online work going, are you too working as an affiliate or not?