a. Registration of insurers
b. Insurers’ Accounts and Returns
c. Investments by insurers.
d. Limitation in insurers’ Expenses of Management.
e. Prohibition of Rebates (to induce any person for taking insurance policy)
f. Licensing of Agents and other insurance intermediaries.
g. Survey of losses [Sec 64-UM] – insurers are prohibited to admit any claim in respect of a loss of Rs.20,000 or more without first obtaining a report on the loss from a licensed surveyor/loss assessor.
h. Advance Payment of Premium [Sec 64-VB] – insurer is not allowed to assume any risk unless
1. premium has been received; or
2. has been guaranteed to be paid; or
3. a deposit has been made in advance
i. Limit on Commission to the insurance intermediaries [Sec 42E (1)] – commission, fee or remuneration in any form to any insurance intermediary shall not exceed 30% of the premium in respect of any policy effected through him. However, there is a proviso to this section whereby IRDA may specify different amount payable by way of commission, fee or as remuneration.

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