What is a Transgenic Organism


One of the most common reasons to develop a transgenic organism is in agriculture, where the development of genetically modified crops has led to a number of advances in the way in which agriculture is practiced. A transgenic organism may grow in areas where other members of the species cannot, may be easier to harvest and handle, may be hardier, may contain more nutrition, and so forth. In some cases, transgenic organisms are rendered sterile so that they cannot interbreed, for the purpose of protecting patents and to prevent transgenic organisms from cross-breeding with wild relatives.

Another area in which some transgenic organisms are used is in scientific research. Transgenic mice, for example, are used for a variety of studies in which researchers want to be able to study traits from one species in a more convenient setting. Mice can be modified with human DNA for the purpose of testing medical treatments and seeing how they might behave in a human


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