Essentials of Chemical Equation

A chemical equation must fulfil the following equations-
1. It must be consistent with the experimental facts, i.e. a chemical equation must represent a true chemical change. If a chemical reaction is not possible between certain substances it cannot be represented by a chemical equation.
2. It should be balanced i.e. the total number of atoms on both sides of the equation must be equal.
3. It should be molecular i.e. the elementary gases like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc must be represented in molecular form as H2, O2, N2 etc.
Information conveyed by a chemical equation
A chemical equation conveys both qualitative and quantitative informations. Qualitatively, a chemical equation tells the names of the various reactants and the products.
Quantitatively- a chemical equation represents:
1. The relative number of reactant and product species taking part in the reaction.
2. The relative number of moles of the reactants and products.
3. The relative masses of the reactants and products.
4. The relative volumes of gaseous reactants and products.

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