>Ghost Town of Centralia


The picture itself speaks the story. Somewhat scary, somewhat haunting. When we went into the details of which place this is, we got to know that it is Centralia in Pennsylvania.
The story goes that in 1962, a little fire in Centralia (Pennsylvania) migrated into an exposed vein of anthracite coal under the town. The flames on the surface were successfully extinguished, but the coal continued to burn underground for many years, so that in 1984 the fire was completely out of control and the city had to be evacuated.
Nowadays, Centralia is an abandoned and ghostly place. What is really surprising is the fact that the fire still burns beneath the town and there is enough coal to feed the fire for up to 250 years. Today, the place is not occupied by any one. People stay away from this haunted city, also called as Mouth of Hell

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