Unique Places World:Don Juan Pond


So you thought always that Dead Sea is having the saltiest water in the whole world, then perhaps you are wrong. It is not the Dead Sea but Don Juan Pond which is said to be the saltiest water body in the whole world.
It was first discovered by two pilots Lt Don Roe and Lt John Hickey in the year 1961 and has been name after them only.It is a small lake, only 100m by 300m, and on average 0.1m deep, but it is so salty that even in the Antarctic, where the temperature at the pond regularly drops to as low as -30 degrees Celsius, it never freezes. 
You will be quite surprised to know that the water in the pond is around 18 times more saltier than the sea water while the Dead Sea Water is just 8 times saltier than the sea water.

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