Tips for Your First Date:What to Do !

Choose a place you both are comfortable and familiar with. If one of you is fighting traffic or worse, lost, you’re bound to have unnecessary tension before you even arrive. Likewise if you pick a spot where you or your date might feel uncomfortable.
Treat your date as an important event and so it is better to be on the spot few minutes earlier rather than late. It gives a good feeling if your dates come and sees you sitting and waiting from beforehand.Plan ahead, leave early, and account for any possible delays in traffic.
Greet your date with a smile and directly look at them and say hello when you arrive, rather than looking around here and there.
Just stay calm and relax. Don’t spoil the things in your nervousness.
Indulge in a meaningful conversation rather than simply talking about weather and animals.. please your date is interested in you not in the weather! Through your conversation try to have a glimpse into your date’s personality. Paves way for further meetings so try to gather as much information as possible . try to know of her likes and dislikes. Through the talks alone you can know whether this is the person whom you would like to meet again or not.
Be your ownself, don’t try to be someone you definitely are not. Talk about things which reflect the positive side of your personality. Never let your weaker side come in front on your very first date.
Try to lighten up the moment by sharing a few jokes or something funny which might have happened with you.(Of course you won’t be talking about the present grim scenario of your country or problems facing the world) so share something interesting and try to ease out the anxiety your tension. Remember it is just a date!

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