Beauty Secrets of Bar Rafaeli, Israeli Supermodel

Every girl has a burning desire to look beautiful and gorgeous. Isnt? Here we bring for you the beauty secrets of the Isareli supermodel, Bar Rafaeli who dazzled at the 64th annual Canne Film Festival as Swiss brand Chopard’s guest.Her prime philospohy of beauty is “Beauty means confidence. You have to always keep smiling.” With regard to her make up mantra she says,”“I like really simple make-up and natural colours. An eyelash curler, Armani mascara and RoC lip balm are my absolute essentials.

For the night, I only define my look a little. I am not really a red-lips girl  (but never say never).”. About her skin ritual she says,”“I like to keep my skin breathing- I remove make-up as soon as I can. I love Kiehl’s Midnight Concentration Oil. I actually read that Sarah Jessica Parker uses it, and then I tried it.”.  As far as her fitness and diet is concerned let’s hear her words,”“It’s a matter of balance. I eat absolutely everything, but in the right measure. I go to the gym sometimes, but I prefer outdoor activities like tennis and walking.””

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