Best GLobal Health Habits

Here we are thinking about our health and fitness- soemthing which really matters and give us many a sleepless nights too. So here we at Younghopes thought of introducing you to a few of the global health habits because we wish to see you hale and hearty and healthy too!

World over people are preferring to eat more of fish instead of Red meat because it is said to be rich in Omega 3 fatty acids while red meat has been linked with heart diseases. Wondering over it? Yeah studies have proved this!

France and Italy are two of the European countries which are known to really enjoy eating the food,they take time to relish the food rather than eat in a haste! So… you are the one who eats on the run or while watching TV please change this habit of yours.

And yeah one of the best things to share with you all friends: Eating Spices really helps you in boosting your immunity as well as in keeping you healthy by losing weight. Ah here we are..perhaps thats why the Indian food known for its many spicy food is one of the hot favourites world over.

Japanese and Spanish people are known for taking an afternoon nap.This is too said to boost health because it makes you fresh and fit too.

One comment on “Best GLobal Health Habits

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