The Tapeworm Diet

How far are you willing to go to look good? Are you willing to swallow a tapeworm? Yes, you heard right! After horror stories of people picking up parasites on holiday, and de-worming before it proves fatal, this fad has them taking it in voluntarily. According to reports, there is one famous taker, or in this case ingester, Tyra Banks.

How it works:
You swallow the worm whole and, over time, it will grow in your digestive tract and eat the food you have ingested. Once you are satisfied with the results, these slimy slithering elements will be flushed out with antibiotics.

One of the most dangerous diets, yet one of the oldest, this diet will allow you to eat what you want but it’s equally risky. Tapeworms can cause an array of infections, at times causing severe abdominal pain, muscle damage and seizures. If they flow up into the brain, this deadly diet can prove to be fatal!

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