Best Places to have Sex Revealed in a Survey

Love knows no boundaries and of course no place too

Now this might be a really spicy space to watch out for today. An interesting survey has revealed the places where the people are enjoying having the most sex. And yes you might be in for a shock too! In the survey 46 percent admitted to having fooled around in the back of a cab, while 9 percent said they have done it in a public bathroom, 31 percent said “in the car” and 18 percent said “in the park”.

In most of the cases it was just a first date and in some cases not the date even. People appears to be just craving for sex these days irrespective of the fact with whom they are doing it. “We walked directly into a restaurant’s bathroom, had sex, then left. We didn’t even order drinks,” the New York Post quoted a Brooklyn woman, 29, single, as stating.

“I took a sexy girl out to dinner, took her home, had sex with her. I returned to the restaurant, picked up our waitress and had sex with her the same night,” a Manhattan male, 52, single, revealed.

Hah so this is it….If you want to share the places where you enjoy having the really fun out with your date do share with us here, we”ll love to know that 


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