Vitamins which will boost up your Sex Life

There are a number of vitamins which are known to boost up your sex life. If taken in adequate amount, they are surely going to give a boost to your relation with your spouse.


Vitamin E

According to, vitamin E is considered by some to be the “sex vitamin.” What makes this vitamin so valuable is its role in the production of sex hormones, which increases sexual mood and desire in women.

Vitamin E is also used to slow the effects of aging and it can boost the longevity of an individual’s sexual lifestyle. Some women choose to use vitamin E as a lubricant to heighten intensity, as vitamin E applied locally in the vagina can also rehydrate tissue in this organ.

Vitamin B6

While not as well known as vitamin E, vitamin B6 can play an active role in your sex life because of its regulation of prolactin, a compound that can reduce your libido. Vitamin B6 also helps keep your estrogen and progesterone hormones in balance, helping avoid mood swings and several PMS symptoms.


Also called vitamin B3, niacin is sometimes taken as a stimulant shortly before sexual activity. When taken 30 minutes prior, it can increase blood flow to your skin and mucous membranes, enhancing the intensity of sexual activity for a woman and increasing the pleasure gleaned from sexual acts.


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