Best Tips on Decorating Your House Walls

Most of us often stumble while our interior decoration plans reach up to decorating the walls of our house. The walls will be left with holes and peeled off paintings, as you try to hang the pictures or wall hangings. Here are some step by step instructions to decorate your house walls to the utmost perfection.

You have to decide beforehand, on which wall you have to hang the pictures or art in accordance with colour and mood of the room.

Try to draw a map of the wall on a plain paper and determine where you can place the pictures or art forms. A review of this drawing will aid you to decorate the walls at correct points.

Always use sturdy nails and studs for placing the nails on the wall. This will prevent any damage that can be caused by rough nailing on the wall.

You must ensure that the wire on which you are going to hang the picture or the art form is strong enough to support the object. Otherwise it will break down and pull the nail out of the wall.

When you use the adhesive wall hangers, check for their quality and hang only low weighted pictures on them. Wash the wall to remove any dirt or film.

You can also use easel type frames that can be placed on tables or dressers or collage type frames that can fit several pictures and quite inexpensive to display your photos or cut-outs of your favorite stars and actors. A creative background will highlight your favourite photos.
Many people often feel a need to change their monotonous walls after some time. But if you want to change the look of your wall without changing the colours then here are a few handy tips for you-

Framed Posters & Art – When displayed properly, framed family photos can create warmth and most likely are the subconscious objects that make you feel at home in your space. Children love the familiar faces of their favorite book and movie characters. Using posters are a great way to bring these characters to life. The posters by themselves may be suitable, but to please the aesthetic senses, don’t skimp on having the wall art framed. If you are interested in keeping costs down you may want to frame it yourself. When tastes change you can reuse the frame and change out the poster.

Display Shelves – Thinking tall will also fill your wall space with visual appeal while creating extra storage. Carefully and thoughtfully arrange the objects you choose to place on each shelf, being sure to over crowd each space. Think of the eye flowing over the shelf in an “S” pattern by varying the heights and spaces.
Folding Screens – If you just don’t want to hang anything on your walls, try adding texture by using folding screens. The come in almost every style from Shoji Screens for Asian design to chrome for ultra modern. These are wonderful for studio apartments as they create additional areas and promote privacy
Remember that while this is easier to put up than paint, it’s more expensive and you won’t be changing it very often. Be choosy, pick something you know; you will like for a while! All rules about good taste, tackyness, and matching your decor apply here.  Enjoy your totally awesome wall! To take it down gather your friends again and go in reverse, untack, then unscrew it, then take the fabric off the board and roll it up to cart off for whatever. A bit of DAP and touch-up paint will take care of the screw holes.


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