Can education of women lower down the crime against women? Hard to Digest

We have heard it before and we are hearing it today also, there are some statements which seems to have become a part and parcel of our hearing- “Educated women will change the society, Women Empowerment is the need of the hour”…So far so good. Indeed these are strong words which voices concern towards the society but do they really have weightage. Hey now don’t take us to be chauvinists who are against the education of women! Read on to know our viewpoint….
Our honourable President Pratibha Patil speaking at a function to mark the quasquicentennial celebrations (125 years) of the Isabella Thoburn College, first Christian women’s college of Asia said “If girls are educated, “angels” will be found everywhere. If all educated girls speak with one voice it will be a great voice”. WE agree and respect her views. Further she said, ““Self-defence is the best form of defence,”. We totally agree to this view as well.
But somehow what perplex us is does education of women in reality reduce the crime against women? When the crime has penetrated deep down the family line itself, when her father rapes her; her brother sells her- how many we ask how many people does she has to fight in reality? She should learn self defence but what about the mindset and the mentality of the males? Will they change just by women education. We doubt! A total overhauling of the society is required if really education of women has to become somewhat valuable.
Today more and more educated women too are suffering harassment and molestation even in their own homes. It’s a daily shame.

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