When wife is treated as a sex slave for not bringing dowry

Most of the people we often meet are somewhat lousy to talk on Sony’s one of the most watched serial Crime Patrol. When asked why you don’t watch, prompt came the reply: “Ah ..same murder stories everytime, makes me sick”. Indeed the same murder stories can really make us sick or even somewhat insomnic, but they don’t you think that they are stories about common people like you and us? Who had a loving family, perfect job and almost all luxuries of life just like you and us? But suddenly their world seems to change forever.


Crime Patrol in the views of Perky Media “is a call for us, a testing time” to see and believe in the realities of the world. One of the recent episodes simply left us in lurch- shocking, trembling perhaps no words to describe the horror.

A young beautiful well educated bride is made by her husband to be raped by his younger brothers just because though she has brought lakhs of rupees as her StreeDhan but that was not dowry. He wanted his father to buy a BMW car too which the girl has refused. So here she is beaten ,tortured for first few months raped by her husband and then her brothers. All this taking place in front of her father in law and mother in law and they are”happy”. She deserved it.

Her education, her morals all are given a backstage. She calls her sister to tell her horror but she refuses to listen to her and tells her “all will be fine”. Hah so easy to say that. Isn’t? She even writes letters to her mother to make her free but the mother thinks more about the society than her daughter and tell her “all will be fine”.

And then more horror is in store for her. The husband treats her as a sex slave. Every night she is made to sleep with his boss and other clients. The sufferings continues not for one, two days, not for one, two months but for full six years.

She was made a sex body who was alive only to be raped again and again. But finally she gathers up the courage to break free the clutches, move back to her family and get her husband arrested who is now in jail!

The real life story has shocked us from head to toe. She was an innocent girl who married according to her parent’s wishes. She suffered a fate for which she was in no way responsible for?


But now the bigger question why in our society we turn a nelson’s eye whenever a daughter suffers in silence. Even if she complains to her families why the parents always say “all will be fine, try to adjust, its only for few months..your husband loves you”. Why it always happen that a daughter is sacrificed just for the sake of society. Is her happiness of no value rather it is society which matters the most? Perhaps it is time we think about this, it is time the male dominant society has an introspection- why are women and now even the wives just an object of lust? Shame on such husbands!


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