Is Team Anna Losing its sheen and support: Recent attacks says so

Yet again comes the news of Arvind Kejriwal- a key member of Team Anna being greeted with black flags. The trouble erupted after some activists, reportedly belonging to Ghantanad Sanstha, took objections to Kejriwal making anti-government statements during the course of his speech.
Not long ago, almost all the news channels had the got the story of the day when yet another key member of Team Anna Prashant Bhushan  was attacked by members of a right-wing group in his Supreme Court Chambers allegedly over his remarks advocating plebiscite in Kashmir. The video of attack kept on flashing throughout the day. Kiran Bedi too is under attacks from one section or the other.
Anna ji has once again made it clear to Congress that they will go for anti-congress campaign in the upcoming elections. This too has not been taken well by the public at large because the unrest continues abated. Whatever be the future course of action but the support and sheen of Anna Team appears to loosen out with each passing day.
Recently Anna also shut down his blog over the violent outburst of his blogger ,Raju Parulekar who said that he (Anna) wanted to “restructure his core team.” and further added “Anna was not able to do so because he was under pressure.”
The splits are becoming visible within the team and now even the support of the public appears to devolve and deteriorate. Is this just the beginning of pubic unrest?

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