Miss World 2011 Winner Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares Images

Miss World 2011: Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares

She beat contestants from 113 countries to the coveted title after impressing the judges in the categories of beach beauty, top model, talent, sports, and beauty with a purpose – where the contestants must demonstrate involvement in a charity project.

Ms Sarcos Colmenares, 21, one of 13 siblings, was orphaned at eight and spent five years studying at a nunnery. She dreamed of becoming a nun but her life took a different direction, as she gained a degree in human resources and worked for a broadcasting company before becoming a beauty queen. Miss-World-2011-winner-Miss-Venezuela-Ivian-Sarcos-dreamed of becoming a nun.

She said: ‘Winning means everything to me and I hope to take advantage of being a winner in a productive manner. I’m unbelievably happy to have won and there are some incredible girls. I first and foremost want to help people in need. I would like to help people like me. I am an orphan. I would also like to help the elderly and troubled teenagers. As many people as I can. ‘Unfortunately I lost both my parents at a very young age which led me to study for five years in a nunnery. I spent my five years in there and my dream was to become a nun.

ABOUT MISS WORLD: Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares

Age: 21

Height: 179cm (5ft 9in)

Language: Spanish

Biography: Ivian has a degree in human resources and works for a broadcasting company. Her future ambition is to work with children.

Family: Ivian has 12 siblings and was sadly orphaned as a young girl

Hobbies: Volleyball, mountaineering and trekking.

Describe yourself: Graceful and perseverant.

Personal motto: Everything arrives when it should.

Favourite food: Chicken soup and the traditional pabellon of my country.

Favourite music/books: Music, Alejandro Sanz and Ricardo Arjona. My favourite book is ‘The Secret’ because it talks about the laws of attraction and how to be in tune with your life goals.

Proudest moment: When I did my Communion. All of my family were together that day so it is a moment I cherish deeply.


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