First-ever humanised phone by Nokia: Have a Look at its features

Technology never ceases to challenge the  laid back and the unimaginative.

With each passing year the lines keep blurring between science fiction and reality. In the late 90s it was almost unimaginable to read or even sift through 20,000 odd books out of a tablet that gives a book-like experience (hello Kindle!). The millennium on the other hand introduced us to the power of a simple touch and stroke with touch screen phones thanks to Apple constantly challenging the norm. And just recently, a super-hot mobile experience has been announced  that will perhaps give ‘being mobile’ and ‘human’ a whole new meaning, and could possibly merge the two.

The phone has a flexible feature that allows physical manipulation, nanotechnology-enabled experiemces and bendable transparent display. Nokia

The unlikely leader in this new mobile experience market is Nokia’s latest offering—Nokia Human Form.

True to its name, the bendy Nokia HumanForm concept phone is the second flexible phone idea after the Kinetic phone where the phone prototype shared by Nokia aims to give you a humanised phone in which technology becomes invisible and intuition takes over, redefining human interactions through a humanised phone.

The phone has a flexible feature that allows physical manipulation, nanotechnology-enabled experiences, bendable transparent display, gesture interactions, easy browsing through social networks, has a touch-sensitive case, flex control, where you just bend in and bend out to zoom in or zoom out, has a skin joystick, makes images more real, with a natural interface where you can touch see and hear your caller and communicate non-verbally.

Unreal? This isn’t a figment of imagination, but soon-to-be reality which may reposition the Finnish mobile manufacturer as ‘the’ mobile giant.

source: firstpost


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