If Our Mindset doesn’t change, What will Laws Do?

In one of the leading national newspapers two stories (the better word is ‘Reality’ perhaps) have really caught our eye today. Both are tragic, pathetic and indeed present a gloomy and sordid state of our country today. In one of the incidents, a young girl was thrown out of the train by a physically challenged man who then jumped out and raped her.

She was left on the tracks to die. On the positive side the fast track court of Thirssur, Kerala has awarded death sentence to the culprit which indeed speaks volumes of a change which we wish to see in the society. It is a judgement to be really applauded as it can be a watermark judgement, keeping in view the audacity and alacrity with which the mindsets of the humane men are changing into inhumanity.

Yet the other incident is the murder of two young boys Keenan and Ruben in the streets of Mumbai mainly because they stood up against sexual abuse of one of their female friends. This murder has indeed sparked off a national debate in our country. Perhaps not a day goes when in one aspect or the other the tragic fate of these two young buddies is discussed.

Both these cases have happened in two entirely different parts of India, but the story in one way or the other is the same- sexual abuse of women. So this is it, perhaps slowly and gradually we have started looking at incidents like these as ‘just another case’. The onlookers look at with an apathetic look, some just yawn and move away because ‘they are safe’.

We have debates, confrontations and then as yet another breaking news comes these tend to fade away with the setting sun. The issue goes under the carpet cover and raises its eyebrows when yet another abuse happens with yet another girl in yet another part of the country.

The laws exists, the awakening exists, the outburst exists: yet the situation remains the same. We go on the roof of the ivory towers to tell the world that we are trying our best to curb the crime but the future still remains bleak, black and sordid. Are trying to be too pessimistic? Yes we are because unless the mindset changes, no laws, no awakening will lead to any change. Many a times we have heard the wake up call, but our deep long slumber makes us turn a nelson’s eye on such issues.

The sooner we understand the better is.

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