Olive Oil for Hair Care is certainly the best: Know How to Use it

olive oil for hair care

olive oil for hair care

Olive oil is said to be one of the best oils owing to its multifarious properties and benefits. It is not just your hair rather your entire body which stands to gain from adding olive oil. It is over the years gaining popularity as being one of the best in terms of beauty. It not only gives you internal but external beauty as well. You should apply olive oil on your hair in order to get strength and shine.

But it is very important for you to know as to how to apply olive oil on hair. It is very much essential that you using it in the right way in order to get the maximum bounce and benefits from it.

Take out olive oil in a bowl and heat it for as much as 20 seconds. Just put a small amount of this oil on the palm of your hand with care and then gently put it on your hair. Massage it very gently on your scalp for 10 minutes. Make sure you are putting only a little amount of oil at one time so that it reaches the hair roots quickly and gets absorbed too. once do, repeat the process on other parts of the hair also so that not even a single strand of hair is left untouched with the oil. Be slow and gentle on your hair.

Once done, just loosen your hair and cover it with a plastic cap. Close your eyes and just relax for 30 minutes. For shampooing, it is essential that you are using a mild shampoo on your hair. Make sure you have rinse it out completely. Keep repeating the process for some months and you will see that not just your hair gets strength but shine also.


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