Thank You Mr. Kambli for rising from sleep after more than a decade!

vinod kambli

Hey guyz i am awake

Vinod Kambli is back again in news and definitely for the wrong reasons once more. He claims that the Semi Final Match of 1996 World Cup between India and Sri Lanka was fixed. Oh ..was that really so, it is indeed a shocking revelation! We may and we may not agree to believe him. But what makes us wonder is- Why out of the blue moon did Mr.Kambli came out with this unearthed fact? Where was he for the past 10 years and even more? What prompted him now when the world is about to enter in 2012 to tell us that he found “something amiss” in the game? It surely appears to be a case of ancient history now the way Mohenjodaro and Harappa sites were excavated after centuries of their disappearance.

Mohammad Azharuddin who was the Indian cricket captain then, has rubbished the claims of Kambli and now even Saurav Ganguly refutes the same.  Azhar said, “Whatever he is talking is nonsense. It shows his class”.

Ganguly said, : “Azhar should take a stance. It’s upto him how he deals with it. But the time has come for Azhar to clear his name. There are too many whispers going around,”. He is more than right.

Strange enough Kambli claims that ‘his career was finished after the match’ so does he think that now he can regain his lost career or get an entry into Team Dhoni? Perhaps a wishful dream! It is really preposterous to ponder on this thought that he wanted to do a lot for his country and he couldn’t do! (What is he doing nowadays by the way..any idea?)

Now we also wonder that the sense of deep shock, disappointment and awe was so much heavy on Kambli that he couldn’t gather up the courage to speak after the disastrous defeat and remained mum for 15 years and now suddenly he thought enough is enough I should be in the news for some reasons, so here am I. Of course we all knew that Kambli as such has never been a cricketer to reckon with, he was known more for his non commitment. So is it just a publicity stunt or sheer frustration that he is venting out his anger?

Whatever it is: but we have just one word for Kambli “Excessive Sleep is Injurious to Health and in your case Mind too”. Don’t make a mockery of yourself and please go back to sleep again!


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