Are You Addicted to Sex? Know The Symptoms

The word “addicted to sex” may appear to be a taboo for some but in the present day times it is really essential to know whether you are addicted to sex or not. Sometimes sexual fantasy, sexual thoughts seems to be driven in our mind so much that we find it even hard to concentrate on anything else in the life.

A few of the symptoms of sex addiction includes:

Obsessive sexual thoughts: seems to be in the mind almost all the time, be it sexual fantasies or sexual dreams. Even if you try, you cannot escape from it.

Risky or desired partners: when one is addicted to sex one desires to have more than one sexual partner or multiple causal partner. You are ready to get indulged in risky behaviour or sexual indulgence.

Virtual sex: you feel always a desire to go for virtual sex and thus take refuge in online pornographic sites most of the time.

There are many who get indulged in sex in order to master deep-seated fears related to intimacy, they get into compulsive sex to get rid of their fears.

You also find difficulty in concentrating in work and other leisure activities too. it is an addiction and needs to be treated effectively by a psychologist.




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