FDI in Retail is full of benefits

FDI in retailWe Indians either are in reality pessimistic or we pretend or assume so for no real reasons. Even before a thing happens we have this paranoiac obsession of believing “Aal is not Well”. The same is the case with the recent government decision of allowing 51% FDI in multi brand retail.
The manner in which the entire opposition is up in arms against this, speaks volley of words of their pessimism and mindless fear. Are they really voicing their voices just because they care for their country is beyond the power of assumption even?
Uma Bharti claims that she will burn the first Walmart Outlet which comes up! Bravo Lady. Even Mamta Bannerjee, Jayalalitha, Nitish are vehement in their opposition and so are the rest of the politicians tooo…but may we please just sit back, relax a bit and unlock the hitherto locked gateways of our brain and really look at the bright side of the story please? readmore

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