How to keep your marriage

how to keep your marriage
Know how to keep your marriage

Love, love and love and finally comes marriage for those lucky few whose love was true to them. Yes getting married to your boyfriend or girlfriend whom you have known for years is such a soothing and happy feeling. After all you know his likes, dislikes and vice versa. But at times this may not work well. After marriage you may find out that he is not the right guy or girl, you may want to leave him too.  Yet the fear and emotional bonding prevents you from doing so. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for you to give your marriage a second chance and hence you need to know as to how to keep your marriage.

The truth is that even the most happiest of all the couples too go through the testing times in their relationship but it does not mean in any way to stop caring or loving or getting finally separated. There are a few things which will surely help you to keep your marriage safe sound and happy too!

You need to keep a check on your waistline- this may sound odd but yes physical attraction matters even after marriage. If you have been the same fatty girl all these years after child bearing, then it is best to join gym and lose that extra fat. Wear clothes that your hubby likes you to see in and surely the perfect slim once more figure of yours will rekindle that old flame of romance.

Don’t take each other for granted:  it happens when after marriage we start ignoring or neglecting each others likes or dislikes. This can be ruinous in the long run. Just because you are married should not mean that you should ignore the foods, tastes and other things which are liked by your spouse.

Gifting a sweet surprise once in a while with a beautiful card saying “I love you” will surely bring tears in the eyes of your spouse. Go out for dinner with your spouse, just spend some quality time and try to say sorry for all the past wrongs.

Stop playing the blame game if you have been doing so in all these years. Try to make use of the latest technologies to stay connected like facebook , twitter, mails, sms etc to be in touch with your partner even when he is not around you.

Remember that we all love attention, we all desire some push up and of course that beautiful thing called care and concern and if you succeed in showing your better side there is no stopping for your love and romance to rekindle yet again. Go and move ahead and take the initiative with a beautiful smile on the face! He is yours and will always be!


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