Kim Kardashian Eyes Makeup

kim kardashian eyes

kim kardashian eyes

Kim kardashian never fails to surprise us by her looks and charms. Just when you might be adoring her black lustrous black hair, here comes Kim Kardashian with smoky eyes which are really hot!

Well, here she is wearing smoky eye makeup and if you wonder what’s the secret: you just need the creamy jade green eye pencil.  You need to begin by heavily lining your upper and lower eye lashes.

Once done, you should use a black eye pencil to line the inner rim of your eyes. The next step is to use an eyeshadow of a similar shade like your jade green eye pencil and apply along the inner lids and blend it softly.

In order to give your look final touches just apply a heavy coat of mascara and here you are ready with the Kim Kardashian smoky eyes look!

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