Unique Place on Earth: Great Dune of Pyla in Europe

unique place on earth-great dune of pyla

unique place on earth-great dune of pyla

The Great Dune of Pyla (Dune du Pyla) is the highest dune which can be found in Europe. It reaches the height of 107 meters and it is located southern of the Archachon Bay in Gironde District in France. When we speak about the name of this place, it is important to mention that you won’t make mistake if you call it Dune of Pilat. The dual name has resulted as a consequence of the little confusion about the name which happened in past.

It is about a half of kilometer wide and more than 3 kilometers long. The dune is very steep on the side facing the forest and is famous for being a paragliding site. At the top it also provides spectacular views out to sea and over the forest (since the dune is far higher than any of the trees surrounding it).

This unique place is great traveling opportunity for those who would like to experience how it is like to be in desert and this little version of desert is less than a hour of ride away from Bordeaux. A number of such smaller sand dunes can be found at the soul of sandy moor of Gascony. This dune is huge enough to be visible from the space. From above, it looks like huge white rectangle.

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