Know What Happened to My Skin Care Blog on Blogger

beautycareforwomen blogHello friends, hope you are doing good, it feels so good to connect with you all after a long time. In the past years, i opened a blog on blogspot dealing with skin care, hair care and makeup. Now if you are thinking as to why i picked this niche, then let me tell you- i love skin care. I enjoy reading and applying all that is natural on my skin and hence the blog. I added adsense to it so i was able to earn from it. Also, i started using viglink on it in order to monetise it via affiliate marketing. It was all good, the traffic too was increasing but then i was under a shock!!

One day when i opened my blog- it showed it was locked. Yes, it was locked. I was confused and scary as to what happened to it, i have not done anything wrong. Then when i looked at the details i saw that malware has entered into my blog. I tried to read all kinds of instructions in order to remove the malware-abufarhan but i failed. I asked for help in google support forums too but still nothing happened. I was just wondering what next- all efforts and hundreds of posts have gone waste.

Should i delete the skin care blog and open another, i thought but then i felt this might not help me in anyway. What if again the same issue happens. So, i contacted google support again. Luckily this time i was able to register my complain there and they asked me to have patience and wait.

Would you believe how much i had to wait- a full year!! Yes, you may not believe the blog was locked in March 2014 and opened only in Feb. 2015. OMG….. you cannot imagine when i saw my blog active again, how happy i was.

However, the worst thing is that now all the traffic is gone, the blog is slowly trying to gain traffic now. I am also working on some new posts to add to it. Hope it recovers soon and i can earn some money too.

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