Earning Money Online with Daily Two Cents

earning money with dailytwocentsIf you are on the look out for earning money online, then dailytwocents.com can be good option for you to start with. It is a relatively new site and pays you based on the basis of page views. They pay you 1/2 cent for each unique page view which your article will generate. If you are able to get 1000 views then they will pay you $5. The payment is via paypal.

You can publish almost anything you want provided it is not against their TOS. However, the content has to be original. I have only recently started writing for this website, and so i am far away of seeing $5. However, the good thing is that they do allow affiliate links. You can add one affiliate link for a minium word count of 200.

It is of course not a get rich quick kind of a scheme, rather you need to build a long list of portfolio in order to get those $5. However, if you follow keyword research you can do so with ease.

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