Finding Backlinks and Page Ranks with Market Samurai

free download market samurai for keywordsI am one of those girls who is not in the mood to spend lots of bucks in buying keyword tools for my research. After all, if i cant earn thousands of dollars then it makes no sense to spend money. If i would have been lots of bucks, then probably it wouldnt matter to spend a few dollars in such work.

Anyways, these days i am using Market Samurai free version for finding backlinks and page ranks. Yes, it is free for only 12 days, i have dowloaded it and i am using it day and night. So, this way i am using most of my time in making a collection of keywords and then i would be writing articles based on those keywords. I hope this strategy works out.

However, if you ask me for free tools for keyword research, then i use and google keyword planner tool. Both help me in finding low competition keywords in small niches. Which tools do you prefer to use for keyword research?

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