Beauty Parlour children…Really Weird

Now this comes as something interesting for some parents and really obfuscating for others. A beauty parlour for children? Yes this is true. From its stylish night clubs to its status as a destination for cosmetic surgery, Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, has long been popular with the image-conscious.

In recent years the number of beauty parlours specifically for young girls has risen in Beirut which is the capital of Lebanon. One such business is Chez Lulu, which offers make-up and hair styling for girls aged four years and up.

But it comes as rude shock for the parents of young girls because it is open to not just young girls but baby girls aged four years! Now perhaps this is what consumerism addicted society can all afford now. It appears really appalling.

The question is whether such high level treatments and cosmetics are good enough to be used on the sensitive skin of the children? Wont it have adverse effect. Further are we really so much beauty conscious that we need even our kids to be sent to parlours just for an image makeover, We really wonder about that!

What is your views friends, do let us know because it needs our opinion