Always Remember to Write a Concise CV

Remember that your CV or Resume is a tool to get you an interview, nothing more. Whilst you need to be informative, your CV merely indicates what experience and skills you have. The interview is where you have the opportunity to explain in detail what you have written in your CV.

Using bullet points on your CV or Resume can force you to write shorter, more pithy sentences that will grab the reader’s attention. Making your CV concise doesn’t mean leaving out large sections of your employment or education history – you need to be able to summarise your experience by drawing out the most relevant skills and knowledge gained.

A concise CV or Resume is one that gets straight to the point, you don’t want the person reading your CV to lose interest. Your CV or Resume is much more likely to stand out and make an impression if it is succinct.

Don’ts of CV Writing….Do Have a Look

Believe us friends, we at younghopes always keep pondering over the thought as how much competitive the world has become today. It seems like a rat race where everyone is in a race to outdo the other and take up the job! Life and Job both have become tough. But not any more, our Experto at younghopes is always thinking the best to bring for you guz  especially when it comes to career advice. So today we felt we should introduce you to some of the Don’t of Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing.

Always remember that the shorter the covering letter is, the better is. No one has time to read a chapter of what you want to say, so keep it crisp and brief. This is an important mantra.

Addressing the concerned authority with the first name is a big no no.

It is very important that you are personally signing the letter too.

Make sure your covering letter is error free, so always re-read the same, and yes please do and do avoid slang language. It is about your job so be professional. Rest assured, be confident and be cool. The job is all yours. Good Luck for Job Hunting and CV writing!