Know the Symptoms of PMS

So, Girls are you all prepared for your PMS (premenstrual syndrome.What? You aren’t aware about it? No worries, while you are at Young Hopes, you simply have to leave all your problems and tensions related with your periods aside. PMS occurs 5 days before the starting of the actual periods. A large majority of women suffer from it. Here we are writing a few of the symptoms that you need to check out in yourself and this will help you in knowing if you are suffering from PMS: Physical symptoms include everything from breast tenderness to bloating and cramping while emotional symptoms can include irritability, stress, anxiety, general dysphoria or unhappiness, headache fatigue, oscillatory mood swings and generally increased emotional sensitivity.

Well, most of the women are able to identify these symptoms and hence take care of their themselves accordingly. And we do hope that now you too after recognising the symptoms will be better prepared in the next months. There is as such no need to take medicine to get rid of these, rather try to remain stress free and on good diet. Because we believe that A Happy Woman alone can make Her Family Happy. Wishing you a Happy Period!

India Unique Places: Blood Donor’s Village


We wish to thank one of our dear friends who has submitted us this story. 
The Gangolli village in Udupi district of Karnataka is famous as blood donors village. Everyone in the village is ready to donate blood at any time. 
The village is having a population of 18,000 people. The youths of this village have donated the blood 20-25 times and all the youth above 18 years are ready to donate blood at any time. A man called Divakar Kharvi, who has donated blood for 52 times, is the inspiration for the villagers. 
Diwakar Karvi Gangolli has put the theme of ‘saving a life’ before the villagers and turned them into blood donors. They organise minimum 12 camps in a year to create a stage for the blood donation.
Last year 704 units of blood were collected from 704 people. 
This is the only village called as blood donors village in the country where we can’t face problem of blood. Had this village is taken as the role model, probably there will no blood scarcity in the country, thereby saving many lives.