Let’s Collect Smiles: Be Happy..Keep Smiling

Life brings with its own moments of fear and frolic, let’s remember those moments of love, happiness, togetherness,….let’s collect and recollect those smiles which seems to have faded away in the rigmaroles of life…………click here for more pics

Changing Role of Women

Women ruled the world and are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way, with grace and honour. But there’s just one challenge that they find hard to accept their twin responsibilities that of a working woman and a caring mother at home. It’s indeed not an easy task to balance both sides of their lives with much ease and without any guilt from within their ownselves.

Being a working woman perhaps is the toughest profession on this earth. It’s an everyday struggle to strike a balance between work and your family. The responsibility of the husband with regards to child’s care and upbringing increases manifold. The husband needs to be supportive enough to understand his wife’s responsibilities but if he isn’t, the problem for the working woman enhances all the more.

The children too are greater risk since they have to spend most of the time in the company of domestic help. They may even fall in bad company. And if this happens, the guilt will never ever go from the mind of the mother since the world will blame her and her alone. Personally too, the guilt will never leave her.

These days, many working mothers are overcome by the guilt factor. Hectic lifestyles, ambition, long work hours leave her with no time even to take care of her ownself. Thus, a number of health problems may arise depression too may occur. So, they need to be cautious while handling both their roles.


Why do baby teeth fall out?

Baby teeth or milk teeth fall out to accommodate the full complement of 32 teeth in the growing jaw bone. The bigger, permanent teeth develop to fill the available space. There are 20 milk teeth which start appearing from six to eight months after birth and are all out by the time a child is about two and half years old. 
As the child grows up, the jaw bone grows in size accommodating the larger and more permanent teeth. The permanent teeth actually begin to develop inside the gums as soon as the milk teeth appear. As a permanent tooth grows, it cuts away the root of the milk tooth. Thus, a milk tooth falls. The falling of milk teeth begins with the growth of the first permanent molar at the age of about six.

What is Mental Retardation?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, about 11% of school-aged children were enrolled in special education programs for students with mental retardation.
There are four categories of mental retardation: mild, moderate, severe, and profound. The roughly 80% of retarded persons who are classified as mildly retarded have an IQ between 50 or 55 and 70. Mild retardation, which may not be detected in early childhood, usually involves little sensorimotor impairment. Persons in this category can be educated up to a sixth-grade level. With adequate vocational guidance, they can live and work productively in the community as adults, either independently or with some degree of supervision.
About 10% of retarded persons are classified as moderately retarded, with IQs generally between 35 and 50. Although they usually do not progress beyond the second-grade level academically, as adults they can take care of themselves within supervised settings and perform unskilled or semiskilled work.