How to choose a lipstick pencil

Every woman will put a whole lot of thought into her lipstick colors and shades, but not as many will put so much thought into their lipstick pencil or liner. Before you go to the store and choose a lipstick pencil, it’s important to take a few things into account:

1. Think about the shade of lipstick that this lipstick pencil or liner is going to be used with. …If you already know what shade of lipstick you need a lipstick pencil for, take it with you to the store and try to either: match the lipstick pencil shade as closely to the lipstick color, or opt for a “nude” lipstick pencil.

TIP :– Neutral shades work on almost anyone and with almost any lipstick color or shade. Every woman should have at least one neutral or “nude” shade of lip liner or pencil in her makeup kit.

2. Lip liners come in a number of different forms, the lipstick pencil being only one of the many forms that are around. You can also find lip liners as a lip paint, a lip smudge, or even have lip liner permanently tattooed onto your face. Of all of the choices, the lipstick pencil is certainly the most popular given that it draws the most defined lines and is relatively easy to use (as long as it is well sharpened!). Continue reading

GIF versus JPEG

GIF versus JPEG: GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is the only format that all graphics-savvy browsers can display, so it is the format to be used for graphics that is to be seen by everyone. The bad part about GIF graphics is that they are limited to 256 colors and typically do not compress as well as JPEG graphics do. The latest version of the GIF specification ( version 89a) supports transparent mode, a nifty rectangles. To make a GIF’s background colour transparent, one end up with a GIF that looks like an irregularly shaped object.

The easy rule to remember
1. Use GIF format with graphics that you have created on your computer such as horizontal rules, buttons, or animation.
2. Use JPEG format when the images are scanned pictures or photographs.
GIF file can contain the maximum of 256 colors (8 bit) or less, which is good for customizing your graphic files. For example, if you create a GIF image of a red arrow, , you can customize the file to have only two colors, read and white. This means that the file is very very small because its palette contains only two colors. GIF file will yield a higher quality and smaller size image, compared to JPEG, when it is used with computer generated graphics such as icons, logos, buttons, etc.
JPEG was built to contain 24-bit (16.7+ million colors) and was developed specifically for photographic-style images. JPEG stores the information of images by keeping track of color changes. The advantage of JPEG is that it can carry a smaller file size than GIF when used in storing photographs and images with a wide variety of shading. But, it will not yield a smaller file when dealing with low color level and details like computer generated graphics.
GIFs also has some special features such as animation, transparency, and interlacing.