Weird News: Marfa Lights or Ghost Lights


These unexplainable lights, also known as ghost lights, are usually seen near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas. The lights usually appear at night with no particular pattern behind them; sightings can occur days apart at times, years apart at others.
Since the 1800’s, eyewitnesses report seeing mysterious orbs of light hovering in the air approximately about ten times a year. The lights almost always appear in groups or pairs, merge, separate and dance around each other, before they disappear as mysteriously as they appear like a Baldwin brother fresh out of rehab.
Since the lights usually appear over the desert, it’s hard to reach them before they disappear and there are only a few accounts of people who have reached the lights. According to these eyewitnesses the lights are created by something similar to fireworks, but lacking smoke and sound. So, not at all like fireworks.
Explanations range from alien visitors to a jerk stunt pulled by the city in order to increase tourism. Either way, no one really has a good explanation as to why the lights appear when they do or what could cause them. To add to the mystery, similar ghost lights have been seen all over the world, usually in swamps and deserts and other places people usually avoid.