Another Girl Dead..Should We Care? Our Coffee House needs your answers!

Today felt I would be beginning on a good note for my blog, with some beautiful pics and images to make it lively but before i could get hold of any thing really sweet this news caught hold of me: “Eight-year-old girl beaten to death by Dera baba in Amritsar”. And I felt…yet again girl dead? What could be the reason behind this rape, torture, harassment? So got to know on further reading that The girl was brought from Maharashtra about 10 months ago and was and held captive  by the baba. She was beaten and tortured. Inspite of the fact that she told her story to the villagers but none paid heed to her and sent her back to the dera.So shameful that even in this case it was the girl only who was consoled and yet again sent back insted of any action being taken against the Dera Chief. This speaks volumes of our country’s preconcieved notions that ‘just sympathise with the girl’ and send her back. Isn’t it happening almost everywhere. Even so many newly weds too are sympathised and then sent back again to their inlaws house and later found dead! Here too no action was taken against the dera chief and hence the consequences. I really wonder why the price of girls is so low in our country, why they are just there, why they can’t have justice, why can’t we listen to them if they make complaints? Because had we been listening this surely wouldnt’ have been happening so often in our country. Are we really Listening to those unheard sobs of someone called as ‘GIRL’

What do you think on this issue, please do share with us friends, the matter is grim its time for action!

Your health routine……………..Let’s Talk

Hey frnz, wishing a warm and happy good morning! Hm….just thought of asking you all any fresh health plans you are making and implementing for yourself? If yes do share with us what is your daily eating routine vis a vis your health concerns!

Enjoy your day…Happy Eating and Happy Living ……dont forget to share and tell us

Things you like in your GF/BF….Let’s talk

So friends, tell us why do you adore her/him soooo much? What it is in her/him that makes you fall for her/him and love her/him with so much of passion! At coffee house, you are free to discuss with your online friends what makes you go gaga when you are in her/his company? Things which you really like in your girlfriend/ bodyfriend…….

Let’s talk…………