Foods for Glowing Skin



Getting a glowing skin is a dream of every woman is of any age. Almost each girl wants to have a skin which speaks from within of love and happiness. With volley of cosmetics available in the market today, almost everyone seems to advertise that theirs is the best. But in reality none of the cosmetics can give you the glowy skin the way foods can do. So instead of wasting money on such costly cosmetics it is best to know about those foods which are good for your skin.

In fact, foods bring about a glow from within and are healthy to eat too. Some of the best foods for glowy skin include:

Potatoes: these are yes certainly good for your skin and are helpful in keeping the skin soft and shiny.

Kiwis: They are good for skin because they contain vitamin C. They are helpful in protecting your skin from wrinkles too.

Dark chocolates: Yes you read it right; we are talking about these yummy yummy chocolates which are good for your skin. They make the skin hydrated and give it a soft and glowing touch too.

Yoghurt: this is surely very very effective for your skin and hair too. It gives strength to your nails too, helps you lose weight and if eaten daily will give skin a natural glow.

Nuts and Seeds: they are good for your skin too apart from giving strength to your body. They contain Vitamin E which reduces skin flare ups.


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