Ideas to Accelerate Your Leadership

Always strive for peak performance : Peak performers have job security because they are highly valued, they are a magnet for opportunity, they have much higher income potential and they usually love what they do for a living ,so always strive to achieve it.

Leading through influence : Being a power of example and walking the walk is the only way to build a following. Do what you say you are going to do and be what you want others to be and become. This is how you become authentic and people know how serious you are. Qualities like integrity, openness, having and sharing a vision, and honouring others successes are key.

Develop an Entrepreneurial mind : No matter what you do, developing an innovative, creative, visionary mindset is an asset. Assume some calculated risk and take some leaps. Are you a doer? Mover? Shaker? Make it happen kind of person? Continue reading

Offshoring creates good jobs in poor countries: Study

Offshoring and outsourcing in services from call centres to accountancy and medicine have created good jobs in terms of pay and working hours in developing countries, according to a study published on Monday.
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