Take care of your hair and skin with Milk


Great for fine or lifeless hair, this will add body and luster:
Mix about 1/4 cup dry milk powder with enough water to make a paste, then gently massage the paste into your hair. Cover hair with a hot, damp towel and allow to remain on hair for about 30 minutes, changing the towel when it cools to keep the heat. Rinse and shampoo.

Milk Mask for Normal, Dry, or Mature Skin

Mix a tablespoon of liquid whole milk with 1/4 teaspoon almond oil. Apply a thin layer of this mixture to a clean face and allow to dry. Apply a second layer and allow to dry. Apply a third layer and allow to dry. Finally, apply a fourth layer and allow to dry. Once mask is hard and dry, wash off with a washcloth and lots of warm water.

Hair Care Tips For Monsoon –

1. For those who have dandruff, do not wash hair over dry scalp but try massaging with curds or refined oil for at least 45 minutes. Thicker oil like castor is not for monsoon as it is very hard to wash it away from hair and scalp. Massaging with warm coconut oil is best for the season.

2. For the hair to remain thick and black, apply warm oil mixed with curry leaves.

3.Use a herbal or a good anti dandruff shampoo. Wash hair every 2-3 times a week else the hair gets damaged due to pollutants in the air. For rough hair, using conditioners are a must.

4. Hair coloring or straightening is not a good idea for the season as it takes very long to wash your hair and dry, stay as natural as possible.