So Glad to Have My Own Blog Now

This is something so exciting that I wanted to share with you all, YES it has become a reality now- I have got my own blog and I am so excited and happy to share this news with you all. Here is the link to my new blog:

This blog is all about finding the coolest products for Moms, but occasionally I will also be talking about my favorite subject Blogging and how you can start making money online.

In fact, I have already written my very first post there on the topici

“How to Make Money Blogging” This is perfect for those who have been struggling to make their first dollar online.

Hope to see you all there and I hope you will love that blog too. I will continue occasionally to publish here too, but of course my main focus would be that blog only.


Earning Money Online with Daily Two Cents

earning money with dailytwocentsIf you are on the look out for earning money online, then can be good option for you to start with. It is a relatively new site and pays you based on the basis of page views. They pay you 1/2 cent for each unique page view which your article will generate. If you are able to get 1000 views then they will pay you $5. The payment is via paypal.

You can publish almost anything you want provided it is not against their TOS. However, the content has to be original. I have only recently started writing for this website, and so i am far away of seeing $5. However, the good thing is that they do allow affiliate links. You can add one affiliate link for a minium word count of 200.

It is of course not a get rich quick kind of a scheme, rather you need to build a long list of portfolio in order to get those $5. However, if you follow keyword research you can do so with ease.

Informative Blogpost on Affiliate Marketing Strategies

how to earn money with affiliate marketingAs i already told you in my previous post about how I am starting here again after a wide gap of three years, so in all these years i was writing on various platforms like revenue sharing sites as well as POD sites. However, in all of these one thing is common and that is “Affiliate Marketing”. Believe me or not but people online are making a living out of it. I am also trying my best to learn each and every aspect of this field and hence i would recommend you to go through the post “9 Ways to Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings” by Spencer. He is a wonderful guy and if you go through his blog you will find hundreds of useful tips to earn money by affiliate marketing.

If you ask me, I love being an affiliate and i have joined viglink which helps me earn money. I am also working as an Amazon affiliate too. However, i got my three checks lost- which never reached me and this has been a major setback for me. Otherwise, take my words, Amazon is the best Affiliate Network.

Hows your online work going, are you too working as an affiliate or not?


I am Back in 2015, Hope You All Will Join Me Too

Hello friends, I am back on this blog in 2015 and i am very sorry i could not post on this blog as was planner earlier. I was trying to learn so much more about online writing, earning money online, affiliate marketing, POD websites and many more things. I know if you look at this blog before 2015 it will have all sort of stuff, but from now onwards, I will take you to the world of online writing and earning money from home. Since, this is what I am doing at present.

I would be sharing my experiences, tough situations as well as any of the blogging or affiliate marketing tips which i know. I hope you will be interested in sharing your own thoughts as well on these topics as well.

Hope we can earn together by sharing and gathering more information- the way thousands of others are earning online. I want to make it clear that I am not earning thousands of bucks online so dont think I am a big player here. I am also learning and trying to earn.

Hope you guyz will join me in this journey!!!!