Finding Backlinks and Page Ranks with Market Samurai

free download market samurai for keywordsI am one of those girls who is not in the mood to spend lots of bucks in buying keyword tools for my research. After all, if i cant earn thousands of dollars then it makes no sense to spend money. If i would have been lots of bucks, then probably it wouldnt matter to spend a few dollars in such work.

Anyways, these days i am using Market Samurai free version for finding backlinks and page ranks. Yes, it is free for only 12 days, i have dowloaded it and i am using it day and night. So, this way i am using most of my time in making a collection of keywords and then i would be writing articles based on those keywords. I hope this strategy works out.

However, if you ask me for free tools for keyword research, then i use and google keyword planner tool. Both help me in finding low competition keywords in small niches. Which tools do you prefer to use for keyword research?


Trying to Learn Keyword Research for My Online Business

My online writings have in a way became a form of business for me, seriously i mean it. I spend so much of my time learning and creating online that i think if i could have known all this before, i could have build a great online business by now. But anyways, destiny is above us. These days i am trying to learn more and more about keyword research because without it, one cannot make our blog get to the page 1 of Google and that is the dearest place for all of us, isn’t?

I am using as my keyword research tool. It will give you a good idea about what people are searching online.The best part is that you can even get a list of long tail keywords which you can use on your blog. It is very easy to use and gives hundreds of keywords at one time.

The next step which i have learned is to use the data collected from ubersuggest to Keyword Planner which is also a free keyword tool of Google. You can log into your adwords account and access the Keyword Planner in Tools. The best aspect of this tool is that it gives you a complete idea about the average monthly searches, location, competition, CPC etc. So, you know at what keyword you should aim at.

Which tools are you all using for keyword research?