Ivy Blue Carter- Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Baby Girl name

Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby girl ivy blue carter

welcome Ivy Blue Carter


The wait is over: Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby has arrived! As was rumored, it’s a GIRL! What’s totally unexpected? Her name! Beyonce, who was seen out and about (in gold heels!) on Thursday, checked into Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital Friday night. Baby Carter was born on Saturday, state various reports. So the name… This is where it gets complicated. You know the press-shy couple isn’t talking (they didn’t confirm they were MARRIED until a year after the fact). One report says that it’s Blue Ivy Carter. Another says it’s Ivy Blue Carter. readmore

Paris Hilton in her new ferrari

Paris hilton new ferrari

Paris hilton new ferrari



Paris hilton in her new ferrari

Paris hilton in her new ferrari



Paris Hilton drives her new Ferrari to go shopping at Barney’s with her sister Nicky Hilton in Beverly Hills. Paris’ new red 2012 California Spyder Ferrari is reportedly worth nearly $300,000.

Demi Moore wants to Punish Ashton Kutcher by ‘grabbing his fortunes’


ashton- demi In happier times


Actress Demi Moore is not yet ready to forgive and forget her husband Ashton Kutcher. If sources are to be believed she has reportedly asked her lawyers to ‘punish’ her now estranged husband Ashton Kutcher by ‘grabbing his fortunes’.

Ashton-Demi personal life has been on the rocks after it became candid that he was cheating on his wife by being in a relationship with another woman. So, Demi is simply not ready to forgive him.

In spite of the fact that the two have signed a pre nuptial agreement in 2005 when they tied the knot but still Demi is angry. “With a pre-nuptial agreement, Ashton should be sitting pretty. But Demi is furious. She wants to punish him financially because of the way he has broken her heart.


demi-ashton: Finally calling it ‘over’

She is talking about going after a share of what he has earned since their marriage on the grounds that she contributed to much of what he has achieved,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

So is this going to be yet another expensive divorce? Time will tell for sure.

Meet the New Bond Girl : Berenice Marlohe

She has got the looks which could kill. She’s the right mix of grace, glamour and attitude.
She is Berenice Marlohe- a french beauty who has been confirmed as the next Bond girl for Bond 23. She is reported to have has screen tested for Oscar award winner director Sam Mendes at Pinewood Studios and met with approval.Bond 23 is scheduled to be released November 9, 2012

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