Let’s Collect Smiles: Be Happy..Keep Smiling

Life brings with its own moments of fear and frolic, let’s remember those moments of love, happiness, togetherness,….let’s collect and recollect those smiles which seems to have faded away in the rigmaroles of life…………click here for more pics

Giggles for the day

A Woman came to a Doctor beaten black & blue said – Every time my Husband comes home drunk, he beats me.
Dr. – I’ve a good remedy for that . Whenever he comes home drunk, just take a glass of mouthwash & start Gargling till he goes to sleep.
2 weeks later she came back looking reborn & fresh & said – What brilliant Idea, whenever he comes home drunk , I just gargle & he never beats me !
Dr. – You see.. How keeping your MOUTH SHUT Helps !!!

We have a reason to smile today

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Have a good laugh today!

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