Cup of Love and Friendship: Best Pic Ever Seen

Friends, we are sharing with you today one of the best cups ever seen where you have love, passion and friendship as the three true ingredients mixed together to give you a reason to smile and live. Do share with your friends, they will surely love your love.

Hey girls ! Want to Know how to Flirt, Here are Tips for Flirting

For Flirting to be good for you it is important to give your man a winning look in the eyes

Flirting is a negotiation process that takes place after there is some initial attraction. So all are invited to it. Here are a few flirting tips for girls-

Give him the winning look. From head to toe, nod with approval and flash your sweetest smile.

Move closer to him by looking directly into his eyes.

Show off yourself, flaunting a little body isn’t a bad idea either. Wear something that can emphasize your great features.

You can even take the help of your female friends in this matter; instead of you directly checking out who is interested in you let your friend do this for you.

Always be in your true self only then you will enjoy each and every moment of flirting.

Try to be in your best dress. Speak in the best of your language, be soft not harsh.

Try to move out to a lonelier place with him rather than doing everything in a group.

Remember, flirting also needs privacy. Younghopes wishes you good luck in happy flirting

Sonakshi Sinha on Love

When love has to happen it will happen, I am not stopping it. I like being in love, but not at the moment! I think controversies follow me. I don’t do jack! Initially they would get me irritated, then it turned to just ignore and now it’s simply care a damn!! Sonakshi Sinha on Love

What you love reading on net? Answer at our Coffee House

It is that point of time when one has to wonder as to what to write to make it good, appealing and of course interesting for the readers. The situation appears grim sometimes, while at times it is bright. So today at Coffee House, we just ask you a simple question: What is it that you like reading the most on the internet? is it news, gossip, fitness tips, learning about gadgets or any other thing? Feel Free to write …because we believe that a lot can happen over a cup of Coffee!

Loving your partner with love

A complete assimilation of love, trust, amicablity, ardency and honesty is a must in any kind of relationship.
Here are some tips, which can help you more in your relationship:Put your love first  Do not let your personal worries become a hurdle in your love entanglements.
Always, make your love partner feel that he/she holds an important place in your life.
Give a Hug – At times even tiny and apparantly insignificant gestures of love make a huge difference. As your love returns home after the day’s work, hug him/her. This would surely ease out their stress and would set a lighter mood around.

It is better if you forgive her/his small mistakes just with a smile.

Go in for Dirty Talk to spice your love life

love birds says

People doing sex have been getting turned on by words for hundreds of years. Women are especially susceptible to dirty talk and if it’s done right, they’ll be coming back for more.So just give it a try this time when you are getting close to her and Whattte spice it will add up you can dare to imagine it yourself! Good Luck for Dirty Talk!

Things you like in your GF/BF….Let’s talk

So friends, tell us why do you adore her/him soooo much? What it is in her/him that makes you fall for her/him and love her/him with so much of passion! At coffee house, you are free to discuss with your online friends what makes you go gaga when you are in her/his company? Things which you really like in your girlfriend/ bodyfriend…….

Let’s talk…………