Arun Jaitley on Lok Pal debate

The time has come to raise the bar of accountability in India.  Routine structures have not responded to enormity of challenges.  We should not have knee-jerk solution which are not consistent with our constitution. Arun Jaitley on Lok Pal debate in Parliament

Suggestions to Reform the Election Process


The following reforms may be introduced to ensure the fairness and sanctity of elections:

1. The Election Commission should be made autonomous and accountable by modifiying its organisation and functioning.

2. The code of conduct, framed for the election should be updated and should be enforced with more vigour.

3. The limit of election expenditure should be made realistic and some measures should be taken to minimise such expenditures by candidates. Such measures may be as supplying the publicity material by the government or reducing the number of days available for campaign.

4. Legal provisions should be made to restrict the entry of criminal elements in elections and these provisions should be enforced with more stringency. A more severe punishment may be prescribed for the violation of election laws.

5. The Election Commission should be provided with identity cards to check the fake voting. Though, the Election Commission has launched the scheme to provide identity cards to voters, it has not been implemented fully and remains incomplete.

6. The election system needs to be examined in the light of the fact that a candidate getting less than majority of votes wins the elections.