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Strange Roads on Earth: Bimini Road


On the first look, it appeared somewhat perplexing to term this as a road owing to the fact that we have a different image of road in our mind. But what differentiates it is that it is an underwater road. 
Now doesnt that sound too strange? Yes it does and let us tell you friends that  this road,  is sometimes also called the Bimini Wall, it is basically an underwater structure that stretches for half a mile near Bimini Island in the Bahamas. The whole structure is formed of rectangular limestone blocks which look very much like an ancient road or a wall. 
The official explanation for the strange structure is that it was caused over the years by concentrations of shells and sand. In other words, the whole thing could potentially be created over millions of years by a natural occurring phenomenon of hard shells gathering in straight angles. 
However, this doesn’t explain why the formation is completely unique to one specific spot in the entire whole world. It also doesn’t explain why it seems like it has multiple layers. Furthermore, several anthropologists and oceanographers believe that the road might have been created by an ancient civilization, some going as far as suggesting this might be the fabled Atlantis. Probably a stretch, but we still have to wonder how these underwater roads were created.
It is really a perplexing story and owing to this reason it is considered as one of the most bizzare mysteries of the world!

>Flying Hotels


This appears to be something really big and great! This is the world’s first flying hotel popularly called as Hotelicopter. It has been built on the model of Soviet Mil V-12. It has sound proof rooms, mini sized beds, mini bar, coffee machine, wireless internet access and almost all the facilities which a five star hotel can boast off.