Doing Keyword Research for my New Blog

I am planning to open a new blog this year. Though i cannot give the details right now, but my main focus is to see the market for my blog as well as to see whether people are searching for that specific product or not. Thus, i need to rely on keyword research which I am busy doing at the moment. I am thinking of going for those keywordss which have an average competition of 1000 and less. However, i wont go below 100. I think this will make my blog get better ranking in search engines. Let me tell you that i am using both-uber suggest as well as keyword planner to search my keywords.

Hope everything starts to work soon.


Blogging Tip- Create your own niche

In blogging, it is always important to choose a niche and blog in that niche, since it will attract more readers to your blog. While choosing a niche, choose a one that you have and can share with others. Do not choose a niche that you know nothing about because you will not be able to create useful posts and the blog will seem boring to your readers. Also, there are many advantages of niche blogging and one of them is when a write on a specific topic for quite some time, you will become an expert in it.