Why I Left Writing for Daily Two Cents

In one of my previous posts i have told you that i have started writing for dailytwocents.com which pays on the basis of pay per view. However i was seeing only and cents piling up in my account which was becoming quite boring to me. But still i wasnt ready to leave the site. I have targeted that i will write atleast 50 posts there before i stop. It was my plan, after 50 posts i would have left the site and then waited for the money to roll in with those posts. However, what i had planned didnt materialised. The editor there was quite rude actually. Each and every post was being scrutinised every time i published it. I had no problem with finding faults because that way i was learning something more there, but the main issue was they wanted me to re-write everything because they did not like it. This was too much for me. How can i keep writing the post again and again just because it was not of good quality “according to them”. I dont understand what quality they wanted. Tell me friends, if i am writing an article on DIY Coffee Scrub then of course i will be writing about the coffee benefits for skin and how you can make a scrub of it and how it is going to be beneficial, isn’t?

Anyways, this site is now gone for me, i wont recommend dailytwocents to you too. Of course you can try writing for this site, but my only suggestion would be not to spend too much time there thinking that you will be able to earn hundreds of dollars there.


I am Back in 2015, Hope You All Will Join Me Too

Hello friends, I am back on this blog in 2015 and i am very sorry i could not post on this blog as was planner earlier. I was trying to learn so much more about online writing, earning money online, affiliate marketing, POD websites and many more things. I know if you look at this blog before 2015 it will have all sort of stuff, but from now onwards, I will take you to the world of online writing and earning money from home. Since, this is what I am doing at present.

I would be sharing my experiences, tough situations as well as any of the blogging or affiliate marketing tips which i know. I hope you will be interested in sharing your own thoughts as well on these topics as well.

Hope we can earn together by sharing and gathering more information- the way thousands of others are earning online. I want to make it clear that I am not earning thousands of bucks online so dont think I am a big player here. I am also learning and trying to earn.

Hope you guyz will join me in this journey!!!!