World Wide Web

World Wide Web (invented by Tim Berners Lee), which allows a point and click navigation without the help of formidable computer commands. Then came Marc Anderson who wrote a program, Mosaic, to add colourful pictures, sound and video to the web. The web is the most impressive internet application. It uses a concept called hypertext, displaying text and images in relation to each other on a web page where individual words or pictures act as electronic links to other (related) documents.
A simple mouse click on a word can take the user to that word’s definition, an illustration, or another related web page. The web documents are written in a computer language called hypertext mark up language (HTML) and transferred by a protocol called hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The web pages are identified by unique uniform resource locators (URLs).
The web would have been very difficult to operate but for the hypertext concept. Now one simply types the URL of the page one wants to visit. The computer then displays the page which is an HTML documents with texts, pictures, sounds etc. As the user reads the page, certain words can act as hyperlinks pointers to the URL of other web pages with related information.