So Glad to Have My Own Blog Now

This is something so exciting that I wanted to share with you all, YES it has become a reality now- I have got my own blog and I am so excited and happy to share this news with you all. Here is the link to my new blog:

This blog is all about finding the coolest products for Moms, but occasionally I will also be talking about my favorite subject Blogging and how you can start making money online.

In fact, I have already written my very first post there on the topici

“How to Make Money Blogging” This is perfect for those who have been struggling to make their first dollar online.

Hope to see you all there and I hope you will love that blog too. I will continue occasionally to publish here too, but of course my main focus would be that blog only.



Writing on Hubpages

As many of you would be knowing that i have been writing on hubpages for around one year now, i am feeling so happy and excited as i have now completed 99 hubs there. So just one more remains to complete the century!! And let me tell you friends, my journey has been pretty awesome there in comparison to  all the other websites i write for.

The best thing is that it is easy to navigate and write a hub there and in gives you so many options to earn money there by using adsense, ebay, amazon capsules. So in a way you can double your earnings there. If you too want to earn some residual income then definitely hubpages is the right site for you and yes it is not a scam. They pay you via paypal.

You can find my complete work at